You all know what I’m talking about, parents and technology. It’s been around for the better part of three decades, but when did they start to learn about computers? Oh, about the past 5 years – or less. It’s a stigma, and it means learning something new, and being afraid of not being good at it. My Mum has been quite good at it – she had to use computers all the time while working in a high school. Hand her a new iPhone and a tablet and she picks up on it pretty quickly. It’s intuitive though, they make it easier for a reason. Explaining over the phone how to switch inputs to their fancy blu-ray player and getting the sound system to work is the hard part – but I guess that’s what we have a four year old for.

Here, I’ll just send him over, he’ll do it for you! (only half joking).


That day. When you’re in a really important meeting and you realize you have dried drool on your shoulder, and don’t even know it. Then when you’re on your way home you realize “That’s how they knew I have kids!”. When this happens multiple times, including having a soother pop out of your laptop bag, and cheerios in your pocket. “I .. don’t know how that got in there…!”, I say, before realizing this is not the corporate world, and I don’t have to wear a suit and tie to a cubicle every day. #lovemyjob

(Luckily, this is a great ice breaker, and when I start to gush about how our oldest starts Kindergarten, and our youngest is walking and talking, I go from being “that computer guy” to being a personable programmer – with a smartphone full of videos and pictures – want to see him eating? Shaking his head? Blabbering about nothing? I’m that parent!)

WP Hotfix 33423 WHM Easy Rollout

WordPress 4.3 has a cron issue which may affect your sites.

There is a bug in WordPress 4.3 which can affect some sites causing high CPU loads and / or Database issues.

“Just spent a few hours debugging two sites which went down and tracked it down to wp_options cron exploding in size. There apparently is a bug in 4.3 which causes the cron to grow in size. This can cause all kinds of issues, particularly when the mysql packet size is reached.
The bug has been fixed, but won’t be released until 4.3.1. If you are experiencing issues, there is a solution here :[1]”

For a quick way to transfer it to all of your client folders from within WHM, first install it onto a “donor” site, then SSH into your server, and run the following command – replacing codingconcepts with your donor user folder.  Activate from the dashboard and problem solved – or email your client to get them to activate it. This is a lot easier when you have MainWP installed on all of your client sites!

for i in cat /etc/trueuserdomains | cut -d: -d' ' -f2- ;do cp -r /home/codingconcepts/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wp33423-hotfix/* /home/$i/public_html/wp-content/plugins ;done

Commits and Gits

Submitted my first change request/commit for Jetpack, which I already have in use on my site. You’d think having Google+ pages as a link would be something that they’d already have on there? Strange! Find it here:

I went a little further down the blogging road with MainWP and converted my plugin/extension over to a Class, and will also be investigating implementation of codecanyon keys into a plugin… and whether or not it would be worth it. Is there better options? Is there a paid route for plugins that works the best? I dunno, but I’ll figure it out.