WordPress Variable Monitoring Script

I ran into an issue with WP E-commerce recently where the shipping options appeared to be unchecked every day that we went to go and look at them. Turns out it was a line in one of the shipping files that reset the shipping array to just “shipwire” which made it appear as if someone was turning off shipping every day (or a cron job, in this case).

Read about it here: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/upgrade-to-43-and-problems-with-shipping-calculator

Anyways, I created a script to monitor changes to custom_shipping_options and thereby found out what the issue was. Here’s the code, hope it helps.



This is a throwback to last year;

I was watching TV with my oldest son when I heard the familiar jingle of an email on my phone, or my smartwatch, or both. It was a client – as usual – after hours, wanting a quick response. I ran downstairs and told him to finish his snack. After firing off a few (not particularly) urgent email replies, I went back upstairs to find him sitting on the couch, watching Harold and the Purple Crayon. He looks at me from the couch and says “this is my FAVOURITE, daddy!”. The slow realization that he switched the input on the TV, opened up Netflix on his iPad, and used the Chromecast all by himself hits me … this is about the extent of what my wife, parents, and in-laws know about technology. He’s 4.

Mic drop, walk away, my job is done.