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Configured brute force protection for WordPress logins on the server today after I noticed some increasingly high CPU usage. cPHulk already monitors all of the other ports and blocks accordingly, but I needed something that would let me affect all WordPress installations at once with minimal involvement moving forward (which is why all sites have …


A big day and busy week! Moving to live customer testing on the database/directory project that has been in the works for the past few months, the Excelerate Conference site has their schedule of events calendar ready to go and should be completed and launched today, I have the mail server set up and ready …


I set up Softaculous on the server today. Did you know it’s only $12 a year? Only $1 a month, to save the amount of time and effort each manually created WordPress installation takes. Not to say there’s not still time involved but it is considerably less, and absolutely worth that amount.