Migrate Emails using IMAP and PHP

This script will not transfer any emails, it is for testing purposes only! No information on this form is stored or recorded, ever.
Please email me if you want to utilize this script, as I am not making it publicly available at this time.

This web application will migrate your emails using IMAP and PHP directly from server to server without having to download them to your computer. It preserves the "unread" tag and timestamp of the email. It will also recreate the directory structure from your existing IMAP server on the new server. It supports Non-SSL and SSL servers (including those that have certificates that don't match the hostname), just use the checkbox below accordingly.

You can run tests on this by using the below buttons. When you are ready to transfer the email, uncheck the "Test Only" checkbox.


By using this plugin, you acknowledge that this script (and all its source code) is distributed AS IS with no implicit or explicit warranty as to the scripts's fitness for any specific purpose, and is released under the GPLv2 license.

If you agree to the licensing terms above, please change the variables below and click the Migrate Emails button to begin.

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