Tech Support

Arguing with tech support yesterday and today – trying to explain to them that emails can be sent between accounts on the same server, which bypasses any spam filtering I have in place. They don’t get it.

This is one of the reasons I’m moving servers. I also won’t have to ask to remove blacklisted IPs, increase storage space, fix email problems, etc. It will be great all around to have this much control over everything, rather than going through intermediate tech support in India that needs you to explain every little detail.


I set up Softaculous on the server today. Did you know it’s only $12 a year? Only $1 a month, to save the amount of time and effort each manually created WordPress installation takes. Not to say there’s not still time involved but it is considerably less, and absolutely worth that amount.

New Server

After a lot of searching and comparison, I’ve decided to purchase a new VPS server for my clients and my own personal sites. I’ve run into a few email issues in the past few months, and despite the fact I’ve been with d9 for three years, and their service is great, I need to think about what’s best for the 50 or so domains I currently host and manage. A VPS means faster sites, more bandwidth, and more control overall of the server. I look forward to setting everything up and moving everyone over!