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We have merged our on-site IT with Connect Solutions, so there’s 5 technicians that are able to support all of our combined clients. It has been a difficult decision, with lots of growing pains, but I feel as if it’s the best course forward!


So, I’ve been watching the registrations on and find it interesting the countries that I’m seeing there. It has started being used in Argentina, the Philippines, Austria,  Nigeria, and the UK, apart from Canada and the USA.  The consistent story I hear with most users is that they’re moving from an old/slow/bad host to something newer …

How to transfer email accounts and messages between servers?

Moving emails to your new server should be relatively easy – if you want to transfer your email messages from one server to another, you can now do this with only your login details. No FTP transfers needed, and you don’t need to drag and drop between accounts in your mail program. It utilizes the IMAP …