12 07, 2024


2024-07-13T11:56:51-07:00Plugins, Projects, WordPress|

I have been working on implementing the API for IP2Location.io into a brute force login plugin, and have made huge progress. It currently can identify incoming requests, get the country, and has both online API based and 'offline' flat file based IP blocking. Working on database storage and blocking bots and spammers next.

8 07, 2024


2024-07-08T13:28:57-07:00Plugins, Projects, WordPress|

Haven't posted in quite awhile, but I've been working on a few projects, and have uploaded them to github. Floating buttons, used on Cannabis and Mental Health, is a dynamic re-code of an existing plugin, so it can be used in multiple ways and have more than one popup shown. It also lets you have [...]

24 03, 2023

Rest API


Have been working a lot with the WP-Rest API lately, and getting it to display certain content on the public side. I needed a way to show the taxonomy terms so we can dynamically populate a front-end filtering interface on another site using the "server" site as the backend. class all_terms { public function __construct() [...]

20 08, 2019

WPBakery Shortcodes to Avada

2019-08-20T18:45:01-07:00Blog, WordPress|

There's no easy way to migrate from one shortcode system to another, such as WPBakery to Avada, or using Divi and trying to move it over to Gutenberg. I wrote a simple script to take the basic WPBakery shortcodes and output them as plain text, hopefully saving you a bit of time in migrating old [...]

29 07, 2016

Swing Migrations: Drupal to WordPress


I use a lot of tools when I migrate sites, and one of them that I've used a few times before is a WordPress importer that takes your Drupal database and migrates it into a WordPress format. It's available here, and I've mentioned it a few times before - does a great job, although only [...]

23 03, 2016

What I’ve Learned from Blogging Moms

2019-03-06T10:13:29-08:00Blog, WordPress|

I do a lot of different things - some of it web related, some of it IT, and a lot of it is complicated stuff. I recently helped a high school friend move her blog from wordpress.com to a self-hosted environment at bluehost. Parenting From The Heart was an easy one - not a ridiculous amount of [...]

9 10, 2015

WordPress Variable Monitoring Script


I ran into an issue with WP E-commerce recently where the shipping options appeared to be unchecked every day that we went to go and look at them. Turns out it was a line in one of the shipping files that reset the shipping array to just "shipwire" which made it appear as if someone [...]

2 09, 2015

WP Hotfix 33423 WHM Easy Rollout


WordPress 4.3 has a cron issue which may affect your sites. There is a bug in WordPress 4.3 which can affect some sites causing high CPU loads and / or Database issues. "Just spent a few hours debugging two sites which went down and tracked it down to wp_options cron exploding in size. There apparently [...]

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